Elden Ring : a new update that paves the way for DLC

Elden Ring : a new update that paves the way for DLC

After its server maintenance, FromSoftware obviously rolled out its update for Elden Ring. This one already offers some secrets.

Patch 1.07Elden Ring is available and it’s clearly a pretty massive update, especially since it touches on PvP. Here are the main changes for this game mode:

A different PvP for Elden Ring

Here are the changes in a nutshell:

  • Added separate damage scaling for PvP. That is to say, the damage of weapons, skills, spells and incantations are different against other players. This feature allows for separate damage scaling. In the future, this feature can be used to balance weapons, Art, Spell and Casting in invasion/PVP mode. Note that balance adjustments made as part of this feature will not impact solo or co-op play.
  • Balance adjustments in PvP mode
  • Increased stamina attack power in PvP for all attacks against guarded enemies, except for long range weapons
  • Improved balance damage in PvP for the normal attack of each weapon, except for skills and long range weapons.
  • With a few exceptions, the power of Ashes of War in PvP has been reduced in general.
  • Cast power reduced in PvP

Addition of big adjustments both in PvP and PvE with in particular a rebalancing of shields, the damage of colossal weapons and many spells. For an exhaustive list we recommend the ticket of official blog.

A patch that is an open door to the future of the game

As always, smart guys took advantage of the updateElden Ring to do data-mining and try to find out what awaits us for the future. This is how data miner Lance McDonald explains:

The update also includes references to two new maps that do not yet exist in the game data.

Two new cards for Elden Ring which could therefore arrive soon via a DLC. The other file refers to the very likely arrival of RTX in the game. This will make the title even more beautiful with better management of light and shadow effects. Isn’t life beautiful?

All that remains is to wait for an official announcement for all this.

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