Elden Ring : a new incredible and unusual record has just fallen

Elden Ring : a new incredible and unusual record has just fallen

Elden Ring has no more secrets for her. Streamer Miss Mikkaa has just achieved an incredible new feat. Decidedly, difficult to stop him.

As we told you about some time ago, the streamer Miss Mikkaa had embarked on a rather incredible attempt to complete two games of Elden Ring simultaneously, thanks to a controller and her famous dance mat.

After having done God of War dancing and having completed FromSoftware’s game with her feet, or even with one hand, the streamer combined dance and the pad by playing on two different parts, at the same time. An extremely difficult performance that required maximum concentration and perfect knowledge of the game. And as unlikely as it may be, Miss Mikkaa won her bet.

Elden Ring has no more secrets for her

The videographer has indeed managed to finish once and for all her two parts ofElden Ring simultaneously. One playing with the controller on PS5, and the other with his dance floor on PC. For several dozen hours and after nearly 200 attempts, she will first manage to defeat Malenia, one of the most difficult bosses in the game, in a particularly intense fight which almost made her drop the case several times. times.

With a good dose of perseverance, she managed the feat despite everything and was even praised by Bandai Namco for the performance. It must be said that in normal times, Malenia is already a particularly complicated fighter to apprehend. Lively, capable of inflicting massive damage and regenerating on attack, the Scarlet Warrior is one of the most impactful and difficult encounters in the entire game, if not THE encounter.

A few game sessions later, Miss Mikkaa storms the final sprint, and quickly goes through the last bosses of the game. A succession of rather complicated confrontations here too, but which will still require much less effort than with some other bosses in the game. In any case, it’s done, Miss Mikkaa is the first player in the world to finish two sessions ofElden Ring simultaneously, and as a bonus, one of these parts was entirely done on the dance floor. A record and a performance as improbable as it is incredible. Hat.

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