Elden Ring : a new impressive record that explodes the competition

Elden Ring : a new impressive record that explodes the competition

On December 9, 2022, Elden Ring wins Best Game of the Year at The Game Awards, now one of the biggest events of the year in the industry. But besides that, FromSoftware’s game has scooped up a bunch of other awards from different media and events, but also from gamers. He is now a record holder.

Elden Ring best game ever ahead The Last of Us 2

According to GOTY-tracker formerly GOTY.blogwhich lists all the prizes and winners for more than ten years on a very large list of sites around the world, and whose results have been retrieved from ResetEra, Elden Ring just became the most awarded game of all time, ahead of The Last of Us 2, previous holder of the title.

In total, Elden Ring scooped nearly 324 awards (281 from media and events, and 43 from players) while The Last of Us Part II counts about 303 (195 from the media, 108 from the players).

An impressive score which confirms thatElden Ring marked the history of video games. FromSoftware’s game is indeed doing things very big by offering a vast universe to discover, a sublime OST, a breathtaking artistic direction and a challenge that can be approached in a whole host of different ways, making the an experience that is both difficult and accessible.

In addition, we also learn from this ranking that God of War Ragnarok received more than 74 distinctions this year. The title of Santa Monica has also won no less than 5 prizes at the Game Awards 2022, including that of the best performance of an actor which allowed Christopher Judge to enter the Guinness Records with his speech.

It is therefore an almost faultless course for FromSoftware, which is already thinking about the sequel for its foal with a DLC, in addition to working on a brand new game from another flagship franchise from the Armored studio. Core 6.

For you too Elden Ring will have marked the year 2022?

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