Elden Ring : a new feat that commands respect

Elden Ring : a new feat that commands respect

Defeat a boss Elden Ring with a gamepad or keyboard and mouse it’s fine. But being able to do it with a dance floor is even better. Thus Missmikkaa performed the insane feat of defeating Boss Malenia with just his feet.

Elden Ring with the feet

The expression “play like a foot” has never had more meaning except that here the streamer Missmikkaa is doing particularly well with her dance mat to defeat Malenia, a boss known to be very tough on Elden Ring.

IT IS DONE ! I killed Malenia LEVEL 1 with a DANCE PAD! It took me 553 tries and over 15 hours. I only used 4 healing vials to kill her. I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT !

Just imagine the strength of mind to do the same thing 553 times, all with just a dance floor and the dexterity of your feet and legs. Malenia has become over time the toughest boss inElden Ring, and the FromSoftware studio didn’t really help by removing over the updates possibilities to defeat it. So much so that Melavia was elevated to the rank of meme, with the existence of mods crazier than each other. This is the case, for example, of this one which quite simply allows you to replace all the enemies of the souls-like with Malenia.

It’s all the more amazing to realize when you know that some people can’t defeat the boss with their hands. This streamer is not at her trial neck as we reported a few months ago. But now we can say that the circle is complete since it was the most powerful boss in the game.

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