Elden Ring : a completely insane and spectacular encounter with One Piece

Elden Ring : a completely insane and spectacular encounter with One Piece

The fans have talent. Regularly, the modders delight fans with new features or other improvements. And from time to time, they serve us creations as wacky as they are brilliant. We think in particular of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered which buried respect. That of the day is meanwhile completely different since it answers the question: and if One Piece is embedded in Elden Ring ? They did and it’s just awesome.

When One Piece invites itself into Elden Ring

It is not a question here of imagining the emblematic characters of the manga with a new design, but of implementing the most impressive Emperors as bosses. The opportunity to find Shanks le Roux, starring in the film One Piece RED, the antagonist Blackbeard or even Kaido as the boss ofElden Ring. This improbable work, we owe it to the Spaniard @Arestame_Arkeid who shared the fruit of his work on social networks. The enthusiasm was immediate, and its publication now has more than 25K likes.

It must be said that the result is particularly breathtaking thanks to the characters who visibly take on some of their move set of One Pirate Warriors 4 and their powers. This mod ofElden Ring should therefore delight fans of the manga who still have to wait before having One Piece Odyssey in their hands. We remind you that the turn-based RPG will be available later this year on PS5, PS4, Xbox SeriesXbox One and PC.

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