Eiffel: behind the scenes of the event film told by Romain Duris, Emma Mackey


Brigitte Baronnet


Passionate about French cinema, adoring to survey festivals, Brigitte Baronnet has been a journalist for DashFUN for 10 years. She hosts the Spotlight podcast.

“Eiffel”, this fall’s event film, epic and romantic fresco with Romain Duris and Emma Mackey, arrives in theaters this Wednesday. DashFUN invites you to discover a long video format to meet the team, behind the scenes of “Eiffel”.

Eiffel, one of the biggest budgets in French cinema this year, finally arrives in theaters this Wednesday. By its ambition and the challenge represented by the start of this film, Eiffel is one of the cinema events of this fall.

This fiction which tells for the first time the crazy epic of the construction of the Eiffel Tower is presented as “a great romantic film blending the intimate and the epic“as summarized on our microphone, the director Martin Bourboulon.

DashFUN met for a long format the film crew, actors, director, but also its producers and the team who worked on the sets and the artistic direction.

Completely … Eiffel takes you to meet the main actors Emma Mackey and Romain Duris, its director Martin Bourboulon, the director of photography Matias Boucard, the production designer Stéphane Taillasson, the producer Vanessa Van Zuylen, and the President of Pathé Films Ardavan Safaee.

Eiffel, based on an original idea by Caroline Bongrand, is co-signed by her with Thomas Bidegain (Un Prophète, Les Frères Sisters), Martin Bourboulon, Natalie Carter, Martin Brossollet, and the collaboration of Tatiana de Rosnay.


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