EA teases the arrival of a “major” game before April 2023

During a statement to investors we learned good news about the development of a game at EA. Explanation.

So, in a statement to investors, EA said it plans to release a “major IP” shortly before March 31, 2023. It was its CEO, Andrew Wilson, who wanted to speak on the subject without really going into detail.

EA, a big game in the pipes

EA Game
Could the March 2023 game be Jedi Survivor?

The nature of marketing in our industry has changed significantly over the past five or six years.

You may remember when we launched Apex Legends we didn’t tell anyone about it until about 48 hours before the community could play it..

The big change of course over the last decade has been the switch from television to digital. We’ve moved to more focused digital, and now we’ve moved to more focused targeting around digital, and so for each franchise, our development teams and our marketing teams are coming together and thinking about when is the most appropriate time to start communicating meaningfully with our community on upcoming titles.

Clearly if we follow a certain logic, Star Wars Jedi Survivor would be the most plausible candidate for such a spot. Not to land at the last minute like Apex Legends but to fill the place of the big AAA before March 31, 2023. Besides, Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb has been saying for a few months that, according to his sources, the title will be released in March 2023. .

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