EA takes another step towards abandoning physical games

EA takes another step towards abandoning physical games

It is via the German newspaper gameswirtschaft that we were able to hear the news. Fewer and fewer games are purchased on physical media and at the same time, revenues from downloads, in-app purchases, subscriptions are increasing. This is particularly the case at EA (Electronic Arts). For this reason the physique is about to disappear in the Germanic countries (for now).

More physical EA versions for our German neighbors?

EA’s European establishments are today faced with this type of profound change, as is the case for EA GmbH, based in Rheinauhafen in Cologne, which employs around 100 people and which, in addition to the German market, also deals from Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

The latest report from the German branch of the American company states:

The continued shift from physical goods to digital downloads continues to negatively impact sales development. Revenue from digital downloads is not processed by EA, but by an affiliate.

Consequently, an economic restructuring was initiated by the company and EA did not “will generate more sales with packaged products” in German-speaking countries. In other words, there will be no more physical games in Germany and in countries that are managed by the Germanic part of the company (Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia). The end of an era ? In any case, it’s one more step towards the end of the game in a box, to the great misfortune of collectors and nostalgic people of all stripes.

What do you think of the phasing out of physical versions for our video games?

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