EA openly mocks single-player games, internet atomizes it

EA openly mocks single-player games, internet atomizes it

EA wants to retain its title as the world’s most hated company. The American publisher has just ignited the web with a simple tweet that criticizes single-player games.

We know a community manager who is going to have a bad day. To ride the wave of the same “it’s a 10, but…”, EA tried to play a joke by attacking those who love single-player games. Bad luck for the company, it backfired.

EA creates controversy with a simple Tweet

It’s a 10 but he/she only plays single player games “. Here is the tweet that has been igniting players on social networks since last night. A joke from EA considered to be in bad taste by many, especially since the publisher is not particularly in the best position to promote multiplayer games. Internet users rushed to atomize him by reminding him of his various failures in this area in recent years. The most recent is obviously on everyone’s lips: Battlefield 2042. The one who was to bring Call of Duty to its knees was still at the bottom of the hole a few weeks ago with a ridiculous number of players.

It’s a 10 but he/she charges you $2.99 ​​for each date.

It’s a 10, but he she only like lootboxes and microtransactions in games “answers another Internet user. Bad luck EA, nobody forgot the debacle of Star Wars Battlefront 2, whose microtransactions are one of the biggest scandals in video game history and rightly so. Without counting also on Anthem, bitter failure of the American publisher.

Others aren’t shy about recalling that some of the publisher’s best-selling and biggest hits were single-player games. The Sims, Mass Effect and more recently Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order or It Takes Two are among the most cited. Electronic Arts has again missed a great opportunity to shut up. To believe that it holds so much to its title of the most hated company in the world.

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