EA Games: a cult game available for free

EA Games: a cult game available for free

If you have a creative mind and want to keep your mind occupied then know that this free game should please you. Explanations

The surprise, then, is that Electronic Arts and Maxis are announcing today that The Sims 4 base game will be available for free download on PC/Mac via the EA app or Origin, SteamPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, from October 18, 2022. In other words, the game from EA Games is free on all platforms for our enjoyment.

EA Games gives us The Sims 4

Dating all the same from 2014, the game The Sims 4 still contains 12 DLCs so EA Games’ tactic is very clever. On the batch of free trials, players will surely crack for more content and therefore surely pay at least 1 additional content. Especially since over time, some of them have become essential like The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats which, as its name suggests, focuses on pets. In addition to the Expansion Packs which are generally around 39 euros, we should also note the presence on the Store of Game Packs with smaller content, at a price of 19.99 euros. Finally, because there are no small profits, there are also the kits of objects at 9.99 euros.

A special stream entitled Behind The Sims Summit will be broadcast on October 18, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. French time on The Sims YouTube and Twitch channels to provide more information. As EA Games wants to please everyone, those who purchased The Sims 4 base game before October 17 will receive the Desert Luxe Bundle

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