EA bought by Amazon? The announcement would be imminent! (Update: or not)

EA bought by Amazon? The announcement would be imminent! (Update: or not)

The rumors might have been true. Last May, an American site suggested that EA wanted to be bought out. Not by a gaming juggernaut like Microsoft or Sony, but by entertainment giants. In his line of sight, Disney, Amazon and even Apple. One of them would have finally let himself be convinced.

EA soon to be bought by Amazon?

EA had denied the rumors of a takeover and yet… According to the reputable media USAToday, the American giant would soon join the stable of an e-commerce giant. According to their sources, Amazon would announce the takeover of Electronic Arts during the day. No other information or potential amount has leaked at this time. We know, however, that the company of Jeff Bezos was one of the candidates approached by the publisher of FIFA, Dragon Age, Battlefield or The Sims. If the previous rumors were correct, Andrew Wilson should remain at the head of the group.

It would be a nice blow for Amazon whose timid beginnings in the world of video games have not particularly borne fruit. By getting its hands on EA, the tech juggernaut will be able to try to consolidate its place on the video market but also on its new spearhead: video streaming with Amazon Prime. With strong licenses like Mass Effect and Dead Space, Amazon would also pave the way for a cross-media strategy for Electronic Arts licensing that could pay off in the long run.

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