Dungeons and Dragons: a big game in development under Unreal Engine 5

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? So you will be served with the announcement of this new AAA game on the famous license.

So, a major new Dungeons & Dragons game is in the works at Invoke Studios, the renowned developer of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. At the head of this new project we do not find just anyone since it is Dominic Guay, a veteran of Ubisoft who worked 20 years in the company. He notably participated in big projects like Splinter Cell before becoming the main producer of Watch Dogs and its sequel.

A AAA Dungeons and Dragons game

Dungeons and Dragons
Illustration of Dungeon and Dragons.

For the moment the details are meager as explained by our colleagues from Eurogamer. The game has the ambition to be AAA, surely with the budget that goes with it and it should run under the graphics engine Unreal Engine 5. What therefore to be perfectly comfortable with his time (2024/2025). We can also learn that Guay is currently working with a team of 80 people on the projectwhich will then grow to 200 employees by 2025. Which is pretty huge for this type of game.

He further states:

We have the largest and most popular brand of Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing games. Such a brand, with 50 years of history behind it, inspires developers and gives us enormous creative freedom. We focus on high quality triple A games and we will have the means to achieve our goals.

In short, there are therefore big ambitions for this role-playing game. It remains to be seen what this will give controller (or keyboard) in hand.

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