DualSense Edge: here is the famous PS5 Pro controller that copies Xbox

Surprise, Sony did make a small foray into the opening ceremony of Gamescom 2022. No game presented, but hardware with a new PS5 controller strongly inspired by Xbox Elite Series 2.

We had almost forgotten her. The famous PS5 Pro controller that had been rumored a few months earlier is a reality. Despite its absence at the show, Sony took advantage of the Gamescom 2022 conference to unveil it. Meet the DualSense Edge.

Here is the DualSense Edge, the PS5 Pro controller

The success of the Xbox Elite Series 2 gave ideas to Sony. The Japanese publisher wanted to make an appearance at the Opening Night Live by revealing its PS5 Pro controller. Like the competition, this DualSense Edge will feature end-to-end customizable controls, detachable thumbsticks and buttons on the back. Primarily intended for competitive players, it will allow you to manually reduce the travel distance of the triggers. This allows for faster inputs in competitive FPS games or reduced throttle dead zone in racing games.

Obviously, it will be possible to save different control schemes on profiles and switch between them on the fly thanks to a dedicated button. Add to this that the analog sticks of the DualSense Edge will be interchangeable, as will the rear buttons. The new PS5 controller will come with two sets of rear buttons (half dome and lever) and three thumbstick caps (standard, high dome and low). No release date or sale price has been communicated at this time.

ps5 pro controller
dualsense edge ps5 pro controller

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