Dragon Ball The Breakers: finally a release date for the multiplayer game

Dragon Ball The Breakers: finally a release date for the multiplayer game

Here is the time to know a little more about the very asymmetrical Dragon Ball The Breakers. When it was officially announced last November, the new video game version of Akira Toriyama’s universe did not fail to surprise players. The game notably allowing for the first time to highlight forgotten characters on the front of the stage.

A release date for the game Dragon Ball

Besides the new trailer visible above, the big news is obviously that the game will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam October 13 in Japan and October 14 in the whole world. In addition, we were able to learn of the existence of several editions:

  • standard edition (digital only) – It includes a complete copy of Dragon Ball: The Breakers , Android 18 character and Wall Kick and a Scouter accessory (blue). Details on digital pre-order availability will be available at a later date.
  • Special edition – It includes the full game, a customizable costume, a Dragon vehicle skin (yellow), a two-handed victory pose, Android 18 and a Scouter accessory (blue).
  • Limited Edition Bundle (exclusive to the Bandai Namco store) – Includes the full game, all special edition exclusive content, Android 18, a Scouter accessory (Blue), a SteelBook, an exclusive Cell Shell figure and the Potara accessory (green ).

Note that this Dragon Ball game will offer a network test on all platforms from August 5 to 6. Users can register here .

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