Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: release date in France, Toei animation angry with the fans

The French release date of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is announced with a trailer in VF. At the same time, Toei Animation hunts down anyone who illegally benefits from the film or relays excerpts.

If you have seen the first five minutes of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, the Toei Animation studio is not going to do anything to you. But if you got the whole movie illegally or are harboring passages on your Youtube channel, hide. Even more so if you live in Japan.

Toei Animation takes a strong stand against piracy

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero was probably highly anticipated to the point of having exploded illegal download counters. As explained by CinemaToday (via DB-Z.com), 3,000 film files ended up on the Web in 10 days. In comparison, that’s ten times more than Dragon Ball Super Broly. The enthusiasm is there despite the fact that the film is a cold shower for the fans.

Toei Animation is not standing idly by and will take legal action whenever necessary.

We will continue to take legal action against such acts, and we have already discussed with our law firm the damages caused by this hack. In addition, we take steps for criminal and civil prosecution. We also continuously respond to surveillance of theaters and requests to remove illegally uploaded videos. Going forward, we will continue to increase our vigilance.

In Japan, the penalties incurred are a fine of up to €70,000, and 10 years’ imprisonment. And something tells us it’s something other than Hadopi…

When is Dragon Ball Super Super Hero released in France?

French release date Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.

As shown in the trailer (in VF), Dragon Ball Super Super Hero will be released on October 5, 2022 in France.

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