Dragon Ball Super: Goten and Trunks finally in the foreground, the manga resumes!

For many lovers of Dragon Ball Z (way God of Waryou know?), it would have been logical that the continuation of the adventures of the Z-team put forward two of the most powerful characters of the series and the manga, heirs of their fathers.

Two mixed-race Saiyans, sons of the overpowered characters Son Goku and Vegeta. But no, until now Dragon Ball Super highlighted the duo of dads and reintroduced characters such as Frieza, Broly or… Trunks, but from the future this one, the young man with the sword from the Cell saga.

The eternal youngsters of DBZ finally in a leading role!

Dragon Ball Super: Goten and Trunks finally in the foreground, the manga resumes!
Cool kids from DBZ.

But this time, there it is! Bulma’s son, Trunks, and Chichi’s son, Son Goten, finalists in the latest Tenkaichi Budokai of dragonballlike what Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero offered (or spoiled, it’s up to you) with brother Son Gohan and uncle Piccolo, putting them back in the foreground, it also happens for young kids!

Translation :

Finally the new arc of Dragon Ball Super is coming!!
” Not possible ! These two as superheroes?! »
Pay attention to this duo!!
The new arc will be back in next month’s V-Jump!
The arc will be a story that takes place before the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero !!
Also expect a big turnout from Son Gohan and Piccolo!!

Thanks to the latest issue of V-Jump, we learn that the manga Dragon Ball Superon hiatus since August 2022 and Chapter 87, will resume in the pages of this same Japanese preprint magazine on December 20, 2022.

And to follow up on the Granola arc, it is therefore Trunks and Son Goten who will play the leading roles, visibly becoming superheroes with regard to their look, and the text, on the visual above. These new events of the manga, fruit of the collaboration of the original author Akira Toriyama and the designer Toyotarou, will take place before those of the last film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Piccolo, the darling of the legendary mangaka and Son Gohan, who has not been spared in his characterization in recent years, when he was the most powerful (and most stylish?) character in the Cell saga and the end from the Buu saga, will also be very involved in this new story, but certainly without their new transformations.

Dragon Ball Super: Goten and Trunks finally in the foreground, the manga resumes!
The new superheroes

It remains to be seen whether the duo Goten and Trunks, beyond their merger into Gotenks from DBZ (you say Gotrunks?), will also have new abilities to offer. That shouldn’t be a problem, first, because with Dragon Ball Super, it’s a party of new transformations and the rainbow of hair colors that go with it, and second, because transforming in SSJ or in SSJ3 once merged, has always been a formality for the doublet, then only children in Dragon Ball Z. SSJ Blue without forcing for the duo?

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