Dragon Ball feat Fortnite: the unlikely meeting offers a date

Dragon Ball feat Fortnite: the unlikely meeting offers a date

What happens when you mix together two monuments of pop culture? Vast question but still it is that Dragon Ball and Fortnite will meet.

Take a video game monument: Fortnite and sprinkle it all with a food and anime monument: Dragon Ball. An improbable meeting that will nevertheless take place.

Dragon Ball in Fortinite: the dream of many

It is via the official Fortnite Twitter account that we can learn the good news about the Dragon Ball content

“speak, what is your wish”

On the image we can see an invocation of Shenron, the legendary dragon which appears when the 7 crystal balls are united. It is therefore August 16 that we will have the right to this meeting of titans between Dragon Ball and Fortnite. And if the dataminers are right, this daunting collaboration should last for 7 weeks and end around September 27. Still according to leaks from Dataminers, 4 skins would be part of which Goku, Vegeta and Beerus. The fourth Dragon Ball character is still unknown but some are already assuming the presence of a female character like Bulma or Chichi. Two protagonists who also have all their places.

A great collaboration

We obviously let you discuss all this in comments to take bets. This is obviously not the first time that Fortnite has collaborated to integrate behemoths from Pop Culture and manga. Since in particular we have already had the right to Star Wars Or even Naruto. With Dragon Ball there is no doubt that Fortinite will succeed in attracting many other players.

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