Dragon Age 4: A Major New Beginning. What impact for the game?

Departures follow one another at BioWare. After recent productions that failed to convince players and critics, several veterans left the various studios in search of new adventures. Some of them are currently working on a new survival game: Nightingale, others have come together within the Archetype Entertainment studio to create a new science fiction RPG. It is now the director of production of Dragon Age 4 who is leaving.

Dragon Age 4 loses another of its veterans

Things are moving internally at BioWare. While the developers seem to be teasing an announcement around Mass Effect 4 for this year, a large part of the team is working hard on Dragon Age 4. After a reboot in 2018, the long-awaited sequel has finally managed to pass a major milestone in 2022. The game is now fully playable internally, “ from the opening scene of the first mission until the end explained Gary McKay, general manager of the studio. Production therefore finally seems to be on the right track, but development will nevertheless have to continue without one of Bioware’s veterans.

Eurogamer indeed reports that Mac Walters officially left the company a few days ago. “ With a new year comes new adventures. As some of you know, I decided to leave BioWare at the end of last year. The past 19 years have been a life-changing experience. It was a difficult choice “, explained the production director of Dragon Age 4 in a LinkedIn post. He therefore joins the long list of veterans who have jumped ship in recent years. After starting out on Jade Empire, Walters made a name for himself as the lead writer for Mass Effect 2 and 3. He then served as creative director for Mass Effect Andromeda, before moving on to the much-maligned Anthem.

Mac Walters Production Manager Dragon Age 4

What impact on Dragon Age Dreadwolf?

In recent years, however, he has been the head of production for Dragon Age Dreadwolf. The sequel to the license had already lost other veterans during its development, including Christian Daley, its executive producer, at the beginning of last year, David Gaider, its main screenwriter, or even its creative director in 2021. he impact of this departure should nevertheless be less significant now that development is on the right track.

We remind you that Dragon Age 4 is still without an official release date or window. Rumors nevertheless suggested a launch by the end of 2023 (being very optimistic) or at the beginning of 2024 if all goes well. The game should nevertheless give its news this year after a very noticeable absence at the Game Awards 2022. Last year, BioWare was in fact content to show one of the cutscenes of the game narrated by a recurring character from the license. Fans can in the meantime console themselves with the Netflix series Dragon Age Absolution, which gives some clues as to one of the game’s villains.

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