Doug Liman and Ewan McGregor team up for Everest-centric film


Doug Liman is already unveiling his next project. While he should soon go into space with Tom Cruise, he still wants to keep his feet on Earth, and is already unveiling his next film. The filmmaker will adapt the novel “Paths of Glory”, with Ewan McGregor in the lead role.

Everest: fascination of filmmakers

Doug Liman, you must know him. It’s him behind The memory in the skin, Mr & Mrs Smith, jumper and more recently Edge of Tomorrow. Since his meeting with Tom Cruise, he continues the projects with the actor. They collaborated together on Barry Seal: American Traffic, and will soon both go to space to shoot the first fiction film in the ISS. But before you travel to the stars, Doug Liman has just formalized his next project. As he prepares to leave Earth, he also wants to turn on the roof of the world.

Headlining Ewan McGregor

For the moment titled Everest, the film will be inspired by the novel Paths of Glory by author Jeffrey Archer. The book takes place in 1921, and tells the true story that a few climbers who decide to be the first to climb the highest mountain on the planet. Casting side, the film will bring together Mark Strong, Sam Heughan and the famous Ewan McGregor.

Ewan McGregor © World Today News

The latter will play Mallory, the protagonist of this story. This hero must thus climb Everest before his Australian rival: George Finch (Sam Heughan). Then begins a historic battle between two men who want to reach the top of the world. On the production side, Jennifer Klein, in collaboration with the HanWay Films company, will take care of the financing. The latter said this at the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter :

We are delighted to be working with HanWay Films to tell this important and timeless story. Presenting “Everest” on screen is more relevant than ever. In these uncertain times, a story of true determination, passion, and positivity can help us remember how much we can overcome.

It is thus the second film devoted to this fascinating mountain which occurs in a short time. Already in 2015, Baltasar Kormákur directed Everest, notably worn by Jason Clarke, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin or Keira Knightley. The feature film was relatively well received by press critics and viewers, and grossed over $ 203 million in box office revenue (for a budget of 55 million). Now remains to know if Doug Liman will do better!

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