Doom Eternal: the composer makes heavy revelations

Doom Eternal: the composer makes heavy revelations

In 2020, a controversy around Doom Eternal erupted. Two years later, things have not settled down and the composer Mick Gordon completely empties his bag.

Mick Gordon, composer on Doom Eternal and the rest of the franchise, does not digest the accusations he has been the subject of. He spoke candidly about the game’s soundtrack controversy.

A case that dates back to 2020

Since 2020, the towel has been burning between Bethesda, id Software and Mick Gordon, composer of Doom Eternal and other episodes. It all started with a problem with the game’s original soundtrack that came with the Collector’s Edition. A staple of the franchise that fans felt was not up to snuff this time around.

Already annoyed to have had their digital bonus late, the players complained of a very disappointing mix, far from the quality without compression yet promised. What happened ? Gordon only took care of 11 soundtracks out of the 59 tracks on the OST. The rest was handled by sound designer Chad Mossholder. Bethesda then accused the iconic composer of failing to keep his commitments.

The Doom Eternal Composer Truth

For Mick Gordon, these reproaches are pure lies from A to Z and made it known in a very long statementdespite a six-figure sum that would have been offered to him by Bethesda to remain silent and above all to take responsibility for the failure of the soundtrack.

The composer talks about a complicated project where he was asked for two levels of music per month, while most of the game was still in development. As a result, deadlines were even more complicated to meet, but when Gordon wanted to make it known, executive producer Marty Stratton would have gone off the rails by calling him incompetent.

In his story, Mick Gordon also talks about substantial payment defaults – sometimes with payments made many months after the start of the project – contracts provided too late, or even deadlines that changed at the last moment. For example, he would not have been informed in advance of the presence of the soundtrack in the collector and would have learned about it at the same time as everyone else at E3 2019.

Despite everything, the composer would have done his best to satisfy the producer’s demands, even if it meant having to resort to crunch, that is to say working like a madman with days of 18 to 20 hours. Icing on the cake, he says that at the very last minute, Stratton reviewed the plans to put music composed by the sound designer. A catastrophic decision according to Gordon considering all the technical errors left in the final OST.

Will Bethesda and id Software defend themselves in a new press release? Wait & See…

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