Don’t Breathe 2 trailer: the sequel to the horrific success unveils


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Five years after his first film appearance, the big bad played by Stephen Lang is back in “Don’t Breathe 2”. A sequel which, if the trailer is to be believed, should follow his point of view.

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Released in August 2016 in the United States, then on October 5 of the same year in France, Don’t Breathe is what we call a “sleeper hit” : an unexpected success, which was achieved little by little thanks to word of mouth. Taken from an original screenplay, without a star and with a budget of less than $ 10 million, Fede Alvarez’s horrific feature has garnered 157.8 in the world, including 89.2 across the Atlantic.

Very quickly mentioned, the sequel will have taken a little longer than expected to materialize, but it should be visible in our theaters from August 25. And it is revealed today thanks to a first trailer which augurs well for a brutal result.

Set a few years after the events of the first opus, Don’t Breathe 2 is this time directed by Rodolfo Sayagues, co-writer of the previous episode. And the cast has almost completely changed, with the exception of Stephen Lang, back in the skin of Norman Nordstrom, blind croquemitaine whose plot will this time follow the point of view.

But it will still be a question, for him, of defending himself against the criminals who break into his house and threaten not only his life but also that of the little girl he has taken under his wing. And his methods will always be so radical and muscular. According to the film’s official short synopsis, the character will be overtaken by his sins, so one wonders if his past will be further explored, or if his new adversaries will be linked to the hapless victims of the previous film.

If that were to be the case, there will be a big difference in Don’t Breathe 2, as the movie puts us on the side of who was once the villain. Without making him lose the fear he inspired? Response at the end of August.

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