Don’t Breathe 2: a tense first trailer


The blind war veteran played by Stephen Lang returns in “Don’t Breathe 2”, the sequel to the little box of 5 years ago. Despite his handicap, he will once again prove to be formidable and difficult to defeat. Check out the first trailer for the film due in August on screens.

Don’t Breathe : an unstoppable B series

Released in 2016, the modest but insane Don’t Breathe had the effect of a bomb. Director Fede Alvarez, a little protégé of Sam Raimi, has become one of the heads to follow in genre cinema. This second feature film came after his remake ofevil Dead and confirmed that the guy had talent to spare. Don’t Breathe was based on a devilishly effective premise: Burglars from Detroit break into the house of an old blind man but realize that he is more dangerous than they thought. A very effective B series, served by a staging to the height and a sense of formidable suspense.

The Blind is back in service

In Don’t Breathe 2, Stephen Lang will reprise the role of blind Norman Nordstrom and become the main character. Its position is ambiguous for the viewer in the first film, because he was both victim and executioner. No Fede Alvarez back behind the camera this time, it was the neo-director Rodolfo Sayagues who was chosen. This sequel will take place eight years after the first film and will introduce Norman in his new life. He will meet a young girl, Phoenix (Madelyn Grace), whom he will take under his wing. When the latter is going to be attacked in her home by dangerous men, Norman will do everything to save her.

Don’t Breathe 2 © Sony Pictures Releasing

Waited on August 25th in our rooms, Don’t Breathe 2 reveals itself in a very first trailer. Unsurprisingly, it’s brutal, tense and Stephen Lang still looks imperial in his role. The film will continue to play with the dark and we can already see some techniques used by the main character to overcome his opponents. This sequel promises to be in line with the original film, with a licky staging at times – we think of this very beautiful passage where Norman is lying in the water. To see if Don’t Breathe 2 will surpass the box office score of its predecessor ($ 157.8 million).

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