DOFUS: the MMO Highlander gets a new expansion

DOFUS: the MMO Highlander gets a new expansion

Unstoppable and unshakeable despite the years, the MMORPG DOFUS continues to offer content to its community.

DOFUS is an MMORPG which dates all the same from 2004. Well 18 years later, this one continues to innovate by offering brand new content which bears the name of Forgelance Legacy. As its name suggests, this one aims to highlight a new class eagerly awaited by fans: the Forgelance.

DOFUS, the immortal

As always with the universe of DOFUS, everything is interconnected with Ankama’s various works. And this new class is no exception to the rule since it has its origins in the world of Lance-Dur, the publisher’s new animated series. This new work will be really in the spotlight at the end of the year since the region presented in Lance-Dur is an integral part of the new content of the DLC, like what. Fans can therefore choose to first discover the series to learn more about the content of the game or vice versa.

The new update of DOFUS therefore adds an additional class but that’s not all since it will be possible to discover new areas on the Valonia Archipelago to the number of 3. One for levels 50, 190 and 200. Who says new areas to exploring also says new quests and also four new dungeons. Finally, about thirty new objects are added as well as two new resources. Isn’t life beautiful? All this after 18 years. The game is clearly neck and neck with World of Warcraft in the longevity category of MMOs and long-term content.

The update is now available and accessible to all after a beta phase.

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