Disney +: this series lynched by Internet users defended by an expert

Disney +: this series lynched by Internet users defended by an expert

One of the worst Disney+ series, which has been strongly criticized by viewers, turns out to be a big hit. A show that now receives significant support.

While all the lights were more red for a flagship Disney + series of 2022, we learn that it is doing very well.

She-Hulk, a Disney+ success against all odds

Even before its release on Disney+, She-Hulk was destroyed with ridiculous arguments at times such as that of “feminizing” the character – forgetting in passing that it is not a novelty -, and others more understandable on the average visuals of this production. Same story at launch with even harsher spectator criticism, while the press was more lenient.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the show obtains the score of 93% among professionals who consider it a “worthwhile series”, against 33% for the public. Although laminated, She-Hulk is ultimately the most-watched Disney+ original series of 2022 on the SVOD service, which shows some expectation. On the other hand, we do not know the method of calculation: could a single episode watched be compatibilized to draw this conclusion?

Still, in addition to its success on Disney Plus, She-Hulk is now defended by Dan Slott, the scriptwriter of the comics.

It’s faithful and successful, and then that’s it

Dan Slott, who has worked for Marvel and DC Comics, stood up against the surge against the Disney + series. He said on his Twitter account:

To everyone who says the show wasn’t true to the comics… I’m the guy who’s written more She-Hulk issues than anyone else. I’ve read every comic in every release. And I say this for the record: this series is the most accurate adaptation of the entire MCU.

In another tweet, he also takes a stand vis-à-vis the decried scene where Jennifer Walters begins to twerk. For him, it’s the equivalent of the times when she “jump rope in a bikini” or when she “has fun doing karaoke, dancing to the point of causing structural damage to the Manor of the Avengers ».

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