Disney+: the price of your subscription will increase, thank you Mickey

Disney+: the price of your subscription will increase, thank you Mickey

It was to be expected, Disney will increase its prices or rather change your subscription with the addition of advertisements. Here’s what you need to know

When publishing its quarterly results, Disney impressed by stating that it had succeeded in gaining 14.4 million new subscribers between March and June 2022. Despite this success, the price list will change with the addition of an advertising system.

A “gentle” increase for Disney+?

In fact, the change in price of your Disney+ subscription is quite pernicious since the basic offer remains at the same price, namely 7.99 dollars per month or 8.99 euros in France. But this basic subscription will now see the addition of advertisements. From December 8, you will therefore have to pay $10.99 per month for the ad-free formula, an increase of $3. Only the United States seem concerned so far, but it seems obvious that this increase is inevitable in Europe. Even if the price in euros is not yet fixed.

4 minutes of advertising per hour.

The Disney+ version with advertising will therefore add a total of nine to twelve spots per hour, or exactly four minutes per hour. What remains less than the competition as pointed out The Wall Street Journal. The company also notes, however, that the decision was made not to air any commercials during programming aimed at preschoolers. We obviously do not know if this system will also be in place in Europe or even how Disney will be able to come and verify the age of the spectator.

We will never collect data on children to target them said Rita Ferro, president of sales and partnerships at Disney.

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