Disney + slaps Netflix, the new king of streaming?

Disney + slaps Netflix, the new king of streaming?

The Disney+ streaming service seems to have a meteoric rise to the point of overtaking (according to the numbers) a certain Netflix. This is what to remember.

In addition to the fact that Disney+ will increase its prices as we were able to tell you in this news, we can also learn that Mickey’s streaming platform has just overtaken Netflix in number of subscribers. Disney is flexing its muscles by announcing that it has reached 221.1 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix, which is however the veteran of the sector, would be 220.67.

Disney narrowly dominates

The difference is obviously very minimal but it is all the same quite symbolic and symptomatic. For the past few months we have known that Netflix has been losing subscribers little by little and it is clearly not the rapid rise of Disney that will help. It must be said that the platform has been hitting very hard for some time with behemoths Star Wars and Marvel with which it is very difficult to be able to compete. The final episode of the Obi-wan Kenobi series, for example, attracted 1.8 million viewers between Wednesday June 22 and Sunday June 27, 2022.

Numbers that make your head spin, especially since Disney has many other highly anticipated series in the pipeline, such as a certain Daredevil (which was formerly at Netflix, like what…). Be careful however, the Mickey firm cheats a little and also counts all of its platforms (Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + for sport) to reach this conclusion.

It is no less impressive when you know that the streaming platform is still very recent (2019).

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