Disney Dreamlight: Mickey completely freaks out players

Who would have thought that a character as sympathetic as Mickey could scare players so much in the game Disney Dreamlight Valley? Explanations.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley free-to-play game has been available since September 6, 2022. Overall it is a hybrid game between a life simulator and an adventure game, necessarily with the characters of the American giant at stake , with its proudest representative: Mickey. Except that very quickly the players realized that something was wrong with the design of Mickey, to the point of making it scary.

When Disney’s Most Famous Character Wants To Steal Your Soul

While the whole character conforms to our childhood or adult vision of Disney’s most famous mouse, especially in terms of height and clothing, the problem lies entirely with the character’s gaze. The eyes seem too close to each other. Additionally, Mickey’s eyes are designed to follow your character as you move, giving a very curious and very unhealthy impression. It did not take more elements to have fun with the scary aspect of this Disney character.

There is even a reddit topic which is entirely devoted to this anecdote. Obviously we suspect that all this is not wanted and that it is a simple little design problem but it is nonetheless scary. Especially when Mickey is following you everywhere. As an illustration of this phenomenon we can find this screenshot from Kotaku, as you can see the eyes are strange. In short, Disney horror version is possible.

Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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