Disney: 10 jokes that only adults can understand


Intended for the whole family, the classics from Disney and Pixar studios sometimes hide a few replicas intended for adults, and which therefore escape children. Here are 10 jokes aimed at the biggest spectators.

Although they are extremely rare in feature films from Disney and Pixar studios, some jokes sometimes strike below the belt, and are primarily aimed at the biggest spectators. From Ratatouille to Aladdin to Frozen, here are 10 jokes that only adults will be able to understand.


Walt Disney Animation Studios

When Mushu meets Mulan and tries to convince the young warrior to let him go with her, the little dragon gets carried away by her enthusiasm. “My powers are beyond your mortal imagination. For example, my eyes can see clearly through your armor!”, he reveals to the young woman. A rather embarrassing implication, which gives rise to a small second of discomfort, then a good slap for the little dragon.

Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Animation Studios

When Bob and Sulli are banished to the Himalayas and meet the Abominable Snowman, the latter – much more welcoming than one might think – offers them scoops of ice cream. “Oh no, no, you can go, it’s lemon!”exclaims the yeti when he sees Bob wince at the suspicious yellow color of the cones. But what exactly was the little green monster afraid of having to taste?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Walt Disney Animation Studios

“You finally lit a gypsy!”, rejoices la Rocaille – the pig-headed gargoyle – when Quasimodo, who has just met Esmeralda, stealthily crosses paths with his three stone friends at the top of Notre-Dame. Impossible to say with certainty, but one can imagine that this replica is a small nod from the French translators to the famous brand of cigarettes.

The Three Little Pigs

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Why do we never see the parents of the Three Little Pigs in this famous 1933 short film? How is it that the young characters find themselves left to fend for themselves in the face of the Big Bad Wolf, with no one to protect them? You will find the chilling answer to these questions by taking a closer look at the picture frames that hang in the house of the third little pig.


Pixar Animation Studios

When he tries to explain to Colette that he has “a tiny chef hidden in the chef’s hat”, Linguini hesitates, stammers and leaves his sentence hanging at the worst possible time. “I actually have a tiny …”, he begins. It did not take more to cause a brief back and forth in the gaze of his interlocutor, and an enormous uneasiness in the conversation.

Snow Queen

Walt Disney Animation Studios

“The size of the feet does not matter”Anna exclaims when Kristoff asks her about Hans, the prince she has just met and that she already intends to marry. Undoubtedly a discreet reference to the famous saying about men with big feet.

101 Dalmatians

Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Oh oh, Pongo, old rascal!”Roger exclaims at the end of the film when his dog, who had left home with Perdita and only 15 cubs, returns with a huge litter of 101 Dalmatians. Apparently, his master does not even consider adoption theory for a second.

Toy story

Pixar Animation Studios

To show his annoyance and disbelief when Woody and Zig-Zag try to convince him that Andy’s birthday will be going very well, Mr. Potato removes his lips and kisses his bottom …

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