Disgusted by Battlefield 2042, players made their choice

Disgusted by Battlefield 2042, players made their choice

The misfortune of some is the happiness of others. Faced with the free fall of Battlefield 2042, players capitulate and find themselves on other old games.

Battlefield 2042 soon completely deserted? Not far but it’s not the saddest in the story.

Battlefield 2042 less popular than its elders

Even if it is not ready to die, Battlefield 2042 is in bad shape and its situation has just gotten worse. Why ? Over the past 24 hours, DICE’s latest game has seen a very low number of players, but above all, Battlefield 1 has returned to the top.

This episode, which takes place during the First World War and was very popular when it was released, even returned to the top 10 of sales Steam alongside Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 23. At the time of this writing, it has dropped back down to 19th place in the leaderboard.

BF1 had a peak of 53,714 players over the last twenty-four hours compared to 4,832 for Battlefield 2042. And currently? 43,234 on one side and 3,404 on the other. The numbers speak for themselves. This underperformance seems more than ever to demonstrate the weariness of players with a game that does not keep its promises. Battlefield 1 must also certainly take advantage of its great promotion at -88% which allows it to display a price of €4.79. It’s a gift !

Unfortunately for the developers, even Battlefield V is attracting more people, peaking at 12,191 players over the past few hours. Let’s hope this has the effect of an electric shock because the teams have great ambitions for the future.

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