Discord wants to make you money

Discord wants to make you money

It was a hallway noise and it’s now official, Discord wants to continue the momentum of a subscription program. Explanations.

Unsurprisingly, we learn that Discord has announced that it wants to expand its server subscription program, allowing more creators to charge subscription fees to obtain premium access with the advantages that come with it. Yes, there are no small profits.

Discord offers you (a little) money

After launching a new, less expensive Nitro Basic subscription, the Discord messaging service is offering server subscriptions. In other words, if you have a big server with a big community, you will be able to offer advantages against remuneration. With this new monetization option, people who run Discord servers have the opportunity to get some nice cash inflows, as the platform offers a 90/10 revenue split for each server subscription. In short, Discord only keeps 10% of the revenue for itself.

One can thus read on the official site :

Once you have created your first level of server subscription, you can easily generate and customize your promotion page, under the Monetization tab of the server settings.

Your promotion page is an easy way to showcase the benefits of your server subscription, without having to be logged into Discord to view it.

Think of the promo page as the front door to your Discord server, making it quick and easy for visitors to understand what they can get by signing up as a free or paid subscriber.

Server subscriptions themselves are available for servers that meet the following prerequisites:

The server owner must be based in the United States.
Your server is in good standing with Discord, meaning it hasn’t recently violated any terms of service or community guidelines.
You must agree to our updated Monetization Terms and Server Subscription Policy.

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