Discord: unscrupulous with your data, the CNIL sanctions the company

The American discussion platform Discord, which needs no introduction, has just received a heavy fine from the CNIL (The National Commission for Computing and Liberties), sor 800,000 euros for failing to comply with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Discord doesn’t quite play the game


During its investigation, the CNIL was able to find that Discord kept the data of inactive users for too long. Its databases notably contained 58,000 French accounts that had been inactive for more than 5 years, and 2.4 million that had not been used for more than three years. The company will therefore have the obligation to delete the accounts after two years of inactivity. Another major problem this time was that the platform allowed users to use passwords that were too insecure. This was largely insufficient to guarantee the security of the accounts according to the CNIL. A password with 6 letters/numbers was accepted whereas now they must contain at least 8 characters with upper and lower case letters and special characters.

Finally, the last problem that is raised by the French organization, the PC version works continuously on the computer and does not close by simply clicking on the cross. Discord only goes into the background and to completely shut down the application you have to go to the taskbar.

Like what, France effectively ensures the proper protection of our data. It remains to be seen if Discord will make changes quickly, at least for the European version of the application.

That do you think of this fine? Do you think that’s enough to change Discord’s policy?

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