Die Hard 6: Disney cancels the movie


The sixth film “Die Hard”, which was to be a prequel to the story of John McClane, has just been canceled by Disney. Information that was reported by the ancestral producer of the franchise: Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Die Hard : an emblematic saga

Do you really have to present the license Die Hard ? Cult action movie series, it all started in 1988 when John McTiernan decided to direct Crystal trap. Produced by 20th Century Fox, the filmmaker will only be entitled to a budget of $ 28 million. He then decides to hire Bruce Willis in the lead role. But at the time, the actor is completely unknown to the battalion. To oppose him, he chose a more experienced actor: Alan Rickman. Against all expectations, the feature film is a complete success. Die Hard brings back more than $ 141 million in box office revenue, is nominated 4 times at the Oscars, and above all, launches the career of a certain Bruce Willis.

John McClane (Bruce Willis) – Crystal Trap © 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox feels a vein to be exploited. In 1990, the studio commissioned Renny Harlin to produce the second opus: 58 minutes to live. Then, in 1995, John McTiernan is back behind the camera to direct A Day in Hell, considered by many to be the best episode in the franchise. We must then wait until 2007 to see Bruce Willis reprise the role of John McClane in Die Hard 4 – Back to Hell, this time directed by Len Wiseman. Finally, in 2013, John Moore proposed Die Hard: Beautiful day to die, considered the worst episode of the license. In all, these five films grossed more than $ 1.4 billion at the box office.

The sixth film will not see the light of day

Despite the critical failure of Beautiful day to die, the 20th Century Fox had planned to produce a sixth film Die Hard. Since 2013, and the release of John Moore’s film, the project has continued to evolve. During a moment, Bruce Willis has signified his desire to step down from the role of John McClane. Many versions of the script have surfaced, including one titled Old Habits Die Hard. However, none of these plans came to fruition. A television series in the vein of 24h Chrono was even considered. This one would have followed John McClane in the 1970s, while also featuring a narration of Bruce Willis in the present.

But since 2018, one version has started to stand out from the rest. It is that of the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The project would have involved Bruce Willis back as John McClane these days. At the same time, a young actor would have played the famous policeman in the past. A double reading borrowed from the cult film The Godfather 2. The project would also have brought back Holly, McClane’s ex-wife, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played the hero’s daughter in Back to Hell.

Beautiful day to die
Beautiful day to die © 20th Century Fox

Corn since the acquisition of Fox by Disney, the project was at a standstill. Now the big-eared studio is just coming cancel this project. During an interview with Polygon, Lorenzo di Bonaventura has confirmed that his version of Die Hard was for the moment buried by Disney. However, the producer did not rule out that another project could emerge in the future, but that he “Don’t know what their plans are”. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, however, gave some details on what his own project would have been. He once again confirmed that it would have been a question of a sequel / prequel, noting that “It would have allowed us to meet young John McClane, and use Bruce.” We would have seen both versions of him ”.

So, for the moment, no Die Hard 6 at the meter. But one thing is certain, knowing the methods of Disney, John McClane is not going to stay in the closet indefinitely …

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