Diablo Immortal : players are throwing themselves on microtransactions and spending crazy sums

Diablo Immortal continues on the path to success and earns simply staggering daily sums. A six-figure amount for Activision Blizzard’s free to play.

Diablo Immortal, the controversial free to play game from Activision Blizzard, manages to empty the bank account of some players. At the time of a new assessment, the financial health of the game is at its highest.

Each day, Diablo Immortal earn over 1 million

After collecting more than 24 million in 15 days, Diablo Immortal continues to defy the odds. The tracking website AppMagic (via VGC) maintains its vigil and reveals that the game raises more than 1 million dollars a day. Despite the negative image reflected by the title, having obtained the worst user rating from Metacritic (currently 0.3), the app manages to convince some consumers.

Since its launch, it has also exceeded 10 million downloads. In terms of player distribution, nothing changes. 46% are in the United States and 22% in South Korea. Next come Japan (8%), Germany (5%), Canada (3%) then the rest of the world.

The microtransactions of Diablo Immortal are still hugely profitable despite the negative campaign surrounding the game.

This success is not all rosy either and is marred by a strong presence of bots. Unfortunately, it is the real honest players who suffer from this situation. To see how Activision Blizzard will manage this aspect in the coming weeks. This weekend, the game updated with a new raid boss, Vitaath.

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