Diablo Immortal : Bots are wreaking havoc in some areas

Diablo Immortal : Bots are wreaking havoc in some areas

Diablo Immortal is a great success for Blizzard despite a mixed launch and some problems. And the new cruel observation is the following: recently many players have reported that the farm areas (areas where you can loot objects) are being taken over by… bots.

Bot attack on Diablo Immortal

It is especially on Reddit that we can see several videos of this type where we see bots coming to ruin the experience of players of Diablo Immortal.

Blizzards! make an official statement about Bots in the game!

We can see the famous bots hitting the void and gathering in the areas. Worse, the chat is drowned in advertising messages. Just like in the heyday of Korean MMORPGs. We remember for example the example Lineage 2. Without going back so far, many online games like Guild Wars 2 have faced this type of content. It is generally quite difficult to fight against if it is not to take radical decisions like mass bans or to set up anti-AFK systems. Will this system be necessary for Diablo?

A plague also present on Resurrected

It is not the only Diablo game to suffer from this plague since Diablo II: Resurrected faces this same phenomenon of cheating. That is to say that bots come to do the dirty work and farm the interesting areas to recover the loot. For the moment, Blizzard has not spoken officially on the subject but there is no doubt that a decision will have to be made on this subject.

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