Diablo Immortal : and now, the bug that scams XP

Diablo Immortal : and now, the bug that scams XP

If this has escaped you, know that Diablo Immortal chain the problems. After a bug concerning the Battle Pass or the presence of many bots, it now seems that a new problem affecting XP has just been found by the community. A subject Reddit complete is even consecrated.

XP bug or scam for Diablo Immortal ?

The initial message is:

There is a bug (on Diablo Immortal) which reduces the XP earned on a game. We don’t quite understand why or when this happens. This seems to vary in frequency/impact from area to area, and possibly depending on the time of day, but we haven’t been able to discern a reliable pattern or cause yet. But overall, this can result in a double-digit reduction in XP percentage – sometimes up to around 50%.

The post goes on to discuss and dismiss possible hypotheses, including factors such as buffs/skills, party size, and party member distance.

It’s possible that the bug is random enough that only the developers have enough information to figure out why it’s happening. And in any case, this needs to be resolved/fixed.

In the answers, some do not hesitate to mention an XP accelerator during certain periods. But yet the information and the screenshots are numerous enough to see that a real problem exists on Diablo Immortal on this subject.

In Shassar Oasis, there are three types of monsters: Dust Imps (54XP), Drubs (48XP), and Sand Golems (129XP). When XP has no bugs, you can spend hours and only see these three values.

Screenshots in support, we can actually see a little further that the values ​​drop and give different figures. Blizzard has not yet responded to the post in question. And we don’t yet know how many players this can affect. In all cases, Diablo Immortal remains a commercial success with no less than 27 million users in July 2022. So bugs or not, the players are present.

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