Diablo Immortal : a battle pass bug angers players

Diablo Immortal : a battle pass bug angers players

A few days ago a serious bug started to affect the battle pass of Diablo Immortal. Indeed, players seemed unable to recover the experience points acquired by leveling up, some not hesitating to claim to have lost millions of XP.

A useless patch for Diablo Immortal ?

Inevitably all this did not go unnoticed on Blizzard’s radar and very quickly the developers wanted to solve the problem by deploying a patch. Except that… If some players were able to recover the said lost experience on Diablo Immortal, others are still waiting. And worse the bug seems to still affect players.

PCGamesn contacted Blizzard to try to find out more, but the company did not give a time frame for recovering the lost experience and did not comment on the fact that the bug was still in progress. A profitable game is good, but the respect of the community is even better. The least we can say is that Diablo Immortal didn’t need that for his reputation.

A very profitable game despite everything

Diablo: Immortal has faced some pretty harsh criticism from players for its microtransactions as well as its very expensive lootbox system. Blizzard CEO Mike Ybarra, however, defended the system. It must be said that the title brought in $24 million during its first two weeks of launch. What to saber the champagne.

We hope that Blizzard can communicate on the subject to try to calm things down.

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