Diablo 4 reveals the characters you will be able to create

Diablo 4 reveals the characters you will be able to create

Another news on Diablo 4. This time it’s not about a leak but simply the reveal of the character editor.

Media and influencers were able to have privileged access to a trial version of the highly anticipated Diablo 4 which is potentially scheduled for June 2023 (without further details and according to a leak). In this very particular context, marketing is in full swing and we can discover the famous character editor. Who will allow you to splurge… or not?

Diablo 4 gives you the choice

For the smooth running of the demo of Diablo 4, players could play Act I as one of three classes: Barbarian, Wizard, and Rogue. With each time a complete editor (?) allowing to change the facies, the warpaints, the color of the hair, etc. To admire all this, just click on one of the links below, thanks to insider-gaming.

At the same time via the official Twitter account of Diablo 4 there was teasing of what we all hope will be an open beta for the game. What is certain is that there is a big expectation for the game and under these conditions we can understand that Blizzard works on eggs and wants to do things little by little without rushing too much. Especially when we remember the chaos of the release of Diablo 3 and the many bugs to connect to servers.

His presence draws near. ?

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What do you think of the new character creation system of Diablo 4 ? Do you prefer the use of a single character like in the other episodes?

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