Deus Ex: good and bad news for the saga

Deus Ex: good and bad news for the saga

According to the famous Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreierthe Eidos Montreal studio would be developing a Deus Ex game. Good news for fans after 6 years of absence from the stealth RPG side.

Deus Ex in the pipeline

Onoma was part of the acquisition which saw Embracer take control of Eidos and the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Legacy of Kain franchises. In a meeting today at 2 p.m. EST, the company informed its staff of the closure of Onoma, which is now solely focused on PCs and consoles.

Eidos Montreal, which remains intact, has canceled the “kids on bikes” game inspired by Stranger Things recently rumored. They are now working on:
1) A new IP (recently rescoped)
2) A new Deus Ex (very very early in its development)
3) co-development partnerships with Xbox, including Fable.

The good news is therefore the start of a Deus Ex game, but the bad news is that it is the very beginning of development and that we are therefore not ready to be able to put our hands on it for several years. 2024 at least if not more.

This saga has existed since 2000 (yes, 22 years already) and since then it has never ceased to have a community of followers. With its Cyberpunk vibe, it has always had a recognizable touch between 1000 as it is quite a one-of-a-kind title.

What are your expectations for the return of the saga to our consoles and PCs?

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