Destroy EVERYTHING in this FPS by Battlefield exes

If you fancy an FPS with a setting that can be destroyed on the fly, then you should check out The Finals. A game by former DICE developers who now work for the Embark studio. The icing on the cake, this is a completely free game. You know the adage? Good news never arrives alone.

A free FPS on the program

To realize the potential of the FPS, you can admire the trailer above. As you can see, the game looks particularly jittery and looks like a big mix between Overwatch and Battlefield. And we can’t help but also think of a certain Brink, a promising game that unfortunately never had the expected success. Let’s hope that The Finals does not follow the path of the FPS of 2011. In the wake of this new video, the developers have also announced a first test phase which will begin this Thursday, September 29. If you want to take part because the game catches your eye, simply ask for a code on the page Steam Game.

The FPS The Finals and the request for access.

These tests will take place all weekend, on a pre-alpha version. You should therefore not expect a perfect and playable game in the best conditions since it is above all a question of the developers collecting feedback to know in which direction to go for development. Find an axis of attack, etc.

In this FPS, players fight in a virtual world to gain notoriety among spectators. And obviously the big strength is that the decor seems entirely destructible:

The world is your weapon (and your enemy): a seasoned competitor can set the world on fire, but you have even better in your arsenal: environmental destruction! All of our arenas can be tampered with, used, or ravaged…and not just by you.

The game is a free-to-play which is planned for 2022.

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