Deliver Us Mars: the ultimate Martian exploration simulation?

Deliver Us Mars: the ultimate Martian exploration simulation?

After an excellent Deliver Us The Moon game, it’s time to go to Mars with Deliver Us Mars. Here is a new trailer.

In 2018 we had the right to an excellent Deliver Us The Moon which as you can imagine was intended to send us to the Moon. It is an adventure and exploration game that has the talent to make us understand how space travel works. Well this time we take the same principle and start again with Deliver Us Mars. Which surprise (no) will make us travel to Mars. Besides, the game is a direct sequel since everything takes place 10 after the Fortuna mission (Deliver Us The Moon). Indeed, following a mysterious distress call from Mars, the young astronaut Kathy Johanson boards the Zephyr spacecraft and alongside her crew for a last mission to try to save the human species.

A trip to Mars larger than life with Delivers Us Mars?

So you can discover the brand new trailer of Deliver Us Mars below. The least we can say is that it makes you want and puts the pressure on. It’s still as beautiful as the first game, especially since it has been enhanced thanks to the Nvidia patch with the addition of RTX. The whole works under Unreal Enginean engine that sends heavy.

Originally scheduled to release on September 27, 2022, Deliver Us Mars has been postponed to February 2, 2023. A little less than a month before its release, the game therefore receives a new trailer entitled “countdown” which is indeed aptly named. The game must for the record be released on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

Do you have any specific expectations for Deliver Us Mars ? Were you won over by the very first game on the Moon in 2018 ? Tell us in comments.

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