Death Stranding 2 confirmed by Kojima Productions, the big dumpling

Just this morning, Hideo Kojima made a big revelation about Death Stranding 2. But there, things are accelerating and we have confirmation from the inside. Voluntary or huge mistake?

Kojima Productions Producer Confirms Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima has been trending on Twitter for a few hours now due to the teasing of his next game. leads us on? Unlikely for once, especially after this tweet from the new producer of Kojima Productions, Tarasova Kateryna.

“So many questions! Who’s excited to see the sequel? » she asks on Twitter with the hashtags #WhereAmI, and above all… #DeathStranding (via Keyser44Soze).

As of this writing, the message is still online. If his account is still confidential, Hideo Kojima or a member of the team should have already realized it. Therefore, it is possible that the developer in no way seeks to preserve the secrecy of Death Stranding 2, but simply has fun teasing the actors / actresses of the game, but also the moment when the next announcements could take place.

No information but we can speculate that there may be something at Paris Games Week 2022, and the grand finale that would take place at The Game Awards 2022 with an announcement trailer.

A Terrace House star in the cast?

For the moment, unlike Elle Fanning, no one has clearly found the identity of the female silhouette on the “Where Am I” poster. But there is a strong guess. By lightening the photo with the means at hand, we could count on an Asian face … which could ultimately be Lauren Tsai. An illustrator, model and actress seen in the Legion series or the Netflix program Terrace House: Aloha State.

In addition to following the young woman on Twitter, Hideo Kojima has interacted with her on numerous occasions. Whether in real life or via the blue bird social network. A collaboration would therefore not be surprising or far-fetched.

Another Internet user thinks of Shioli Kutsuma who plays Yukio in Deadpool 2.

Anyway, these are two known faces that could interest the father of MGS.

Death Stranding 2 on the water?

What if Elle Fanning and Norman Reedus left the mainland for the ocean, Ocean, as the alleged code name of Death Stranding 2? It’s been a while now (thanks FlyingFox1984 dug it up), there was an artwork by Yoji Shinkawa of a work in progress.

Death Stranding 2 confirmed by Kojima Productions, the big dumpling

A submarine that could stick with elements of the game’s scenario, especially the Beach for those who have done it.

Answer in a few weeks…

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