Death Stranding 2 announced very soon? kojima tease

Death Stranding 2 announced very soon? kojima tease

Would Hideo Kojima be ready to formalize Death Stranding 2 on PS5 this year? The Japanese designer continues to teaser on Twitter with new photos.

Hideo Kojima adds a layer to his teaser started last month. And if we centralize the various elements, it is not unreasonable to think that the announcement of Death Stranding 2 will take place in a few weeks.

Death Stranding 2 finally formalized at the Game Awards 2022?

During Tokyo Game Show 2022, the Kojima Productions booth was decked out with a mysterious “Who Am I” poster. A treasure hunt that did not last very long because Internet users discovered the pot of roses. The young woman on the poster is none other than actress Elle Fanning, and in all likelihood could be one of the characters from Death Stranding 2 (mega spoiler warning).

Hideo Kojima goes one better today with a new tweet which suggests an announcement quite soon.

The answer to “Who” of TGS will be found in the next “Where”.

And that “Where” could be at The Game Awards 2022. His friend Geoff Keighley’s video game awards ceremony. In 2021, Kojima-san had promised to be of this edition. And he shouldn’t go empty-handed if that’s the case…

Between two food shots, the Japanese developer released several more interesting photos. The first is an image that shows him editing a video that could be the announcement trailer for Death Stranding 2. In another post, we see that he is still very busy supervising performance sessions capture .

This sequel would be expected on PS5 – and not on Stadia as an absurd rumor has it – or even on PC in a second time, and would be codenamed Ocean according to a document which has yet to be authenticated.

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