Dead Space Remake will revolutionize its main character

Dead Space Remake will revolutionize its main character

Dead Space Remake should quite upset its main character by adding a lot of new things to make it more human. Explanations.

The next remake of dead space remains largely faithful to the original, in gameplay, so we should find many familiar aspects. But for all that concerns the story, the entire script has been rewritten as explained in a new video whose premiere goes to IGN First.

Different story and small revolution for the hero in Dead Space Remake

The goal is to make the character of Isaac Clarke more human. Now he speaks and for this reason the developers gave him a new face. Now repeatedly in this “new” deadspace, the man removes his helmet to address the other characters. Developers studio Motive also expanded some aspects of the story. For example, we can learn more about the Church of Unitology, and Chen’s character now plays a bigger role.

Experience Dead Space Remake should therefore be more immersive and above all more cinematic with, for example, the disappearance of loading times when changing zones via freighters. In general, the story is revised to bring more credibility to the whole and make the characters fundamentally more human. Something that was sorely lacking in the base game despite the rather crazy number of qualities.

For memory Dead Space Remake is planned for PS5, Xbox Series and PC for January 27, 2023.

What do you think of these kinds of changes? Are you convinced by the new way of dealing with the main character and the novelties of the scenario?

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