Dead Space Remake: the developers appeal to ultra fans

Dead Space Remake: the developers appeal to ultra fans

Expectations are high on the Dead Space remake and that’s right. Like any job of this type, the players are quite uncompromising. Usually for a good reason: they don’t want a beautiful memory from childhood or adolescence to be sullied by a modern vision that doesn’t match the game. And in the other direction, the game must stand out enough not to not be too close to the original material. In short, a real headache for developers.

Dead Space Remake should fill you up

Thus during a new blog post creative director Roman Campos-Oriola revealed that the developers of the Dead Space remake consult with early fans every 6 weeks.

Really, very early in development, we started discussions with some members of the community who were identified by our team as die-hard fans..

We met with them every six weeks or so and gave them full access to what we were doing..

Senior producer Philippe Ducharme adds to this:

Because we have our opinions, but that doesn’t mean we’re right First, we honor the legacy. We view the original game with the utmost respect.

In short, the approach to the development of the remake of Dead Space seems particularly healthy. Even if it is never very good to always listen to the community, to have a course, it remains a very laudable intention which makes it possible to know if our work is respectful of the original work.

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