Dead Space Remake: tasty and explosive gameplay

Dead Space Remake: tasty and explosive gameplay

Dead Space Remake pulls out all the stops with an explosive gameplay trailer that will bring memories to the surface for older players of the original.

Announced a little over a year ago, Dead Space Remake knows how to be desired. But the wait is coming to an end with what every fan wanted to see: gameplay.

Dead Space Remake presents its gameplay

On release day – January 27, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC – Dead Space Remake will have been in the making for just over two years. A relatively short time which is of course explained by the fact that the teams did not have to invent a story etc. No, here the developers have focused on respecting the original hardware and implementing the next-gen touch on it, while appealing to hardcore fans for their gaming expertise. Much more advanced graphics, a more precise and impactful sound design, the interconnection of the USG Ishimura or the sequence plan are the ingredients of this return.

The new trailer reveals Isaac Clark at his best battling the Necromorphs. Scenes in zero G, dismemberments at all costs or improvised barbecue to be sure not to see the creatures get up, everything is there. To see now if the game will avoid the repeated effect, because here, we have more this feeling unlike Resident Evil 2 which had been redesigned from top to bottom.

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