Dead Space Remake: EA makes players happy

Dead Space Remake: EA makes players happy

About Dead Space Remake, EA has made a good decision that will give players a little smile. waiting for the collector’s version.

Initially EA made collector fans cringe since Dead Space Remake did not include the digital content in its “ultimate” version and this despite the very expensive price of 274 dollars. Well last minute change for the company for our greatest pleasure.

Dead Space Remake, a collector with digital content

//UPDATE: We heard you loud and clear.

We are pleased to announce that all past and future pre-orders of @LimitedRunGames Dead Space Collector’s Edition will include Digital Deluxe content at no additional cost.

Pre-order yours here:

The content of the Digital Deluxe at no additional cost, which is still the least of things when you charge the whole thing at 274 dollars.

Available on all platforms, excluding customs and delivery, the Dead Space Remake Collector’s Edition includes a slew of goodies including Isaac Clarke’s life-size helmet.

  • A physical version of the game
  • A steel book
  • Isaac’s life-size helmet that lights up and can be worn
  • The soundtrack on CD
  • A key art lithograph and its folio
  • Four mini posters
  • A patch of the Ishimura
  • A 4 inch replica of the Marker artifact
  • A Marker artifact badge

This is good news. The bad being that it is still not possible for a French person to order the said collector’s item since it is the Limited Run site.

It remains to be seen if anything will be done by the release on January 23, 2023. Dead Space Remake being highly anticipated in Europe, we obviously hope for a turnaround.

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