Dead Space Remake: a video comparison with the very flattering original

If you have any concerns about the Dead Space remake, it’s legitimate. Indeed the game has many fans around the world and globally it is rightly considered to be a masterpiece of horror and a video game nugget. One of the apprehensions concerns the graphic and technical aspect of the title. Will everything be up to par? Will it be faithful to the game while allowing to suit the codes and expectations of 2022?

Dead Space Remake: the before/after comparison

Dead Space Remake before/after
@ElAnalistaDeBits. The remake looks much darker than the original.

This is the Spanish YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits who did this comparison work, a videographer who specializes in graphic comparison. As you can see above this news, there is really a lot of graphic and technical work. But we also welcome the fact that the atmosphere remains identical to the original game, and that is essential.

It’s hard to know if this will also be the case in the final version of the game which is scheduled for January 27, 2023, but the whole thing is visibly darker than in the original game. This is particularly visible in the corridor areas where you can admire large black expanses. It only remains to wait to have the heart net.

Note that recently, Dead Space Remake has just unveiled its very beautiful collector’s version with, among other things, Isaac’s life-size helmet which lights up and can be worn. For more details, we advise you to read this news.

What are your expectations for this remake? Tell us in them comments.

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