Dead Space Remake: a huge collector’s item that slams but…

Dead Space Remake has released a tasty and explosive gameplay trailer. And surprise, there will be a collector’s edition but… not accessible to everyone.

Dead Space Remake’s massive collector’s item

Yes, Dead Space Remake will have a collector’s edition, but unfortunately it will not be distributed at your usual retailer in France. This version is created by a very popular company for collectors, Limited Run Games. The purchase of the collector via the website on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC are still possible, but be aware that you will certainly be subject to customs fees which will increase the invoice.

Sold $274.99 On all platforms, excluding customs and shipping, the Dead Space Remake Collector’s Edition includes a slew of goodies including Isaac Clarke’s life-size helmet. An accessory that will delight cosplayers since it can be worn.

  • A physical version of the game
  • A steel book
  • Isaac’s life-size helmet that lights up and can be worn
  • The soundtrack on CD
  • A key art lithograph and its folio
  • Four mini posters
  • A patch of the Ishimura
  • A 4 inch replica of the Marker artifact
  • A Marker artifact badge
Dead Space Remake Collector's Content

Two things to know though. The Collector’s Edition will only be available for pre-order temporarily, and it won’t be finalized until the game is released on January 23, 2023. Details to keep in mind if you’re interested.

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