DCU: against all odds, Warner would keep this actor for the future

DCU: against all odds, Warner would keep this actor for the future

We know Warner wants to remove all traces of the SnyderVerse to create the DCU. And the production would have taken a curious decision at this level.

Warner wants to completely end the SnyderVerse as we report to you in this news. For that, it is necessary in particular to separate logically from the actors who made the success of such a universe. Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck and… Ezra Miller? Well obviously not to believe a rumor (with however a particularly serious source). Indeed, the very problematic actor could remain in the reboot of the character within the DCU. Explanations:

What about Ezra Miller in the DCU?

Thus, we can learn that sources have declared to Variety that some Warner executives Bros. Discovery are always willing to work with Miller. According to the report, the fact that Miller has stayed out of trouble since he began treatment for his mental health last summer has reopened a door for the comedian on the possibility of continuing to play the character of The Flash in the future. Against popular opinion, Henry Cavill would no longer be in the DCU to finally keep a toxic actor for the rest of the adventure. A choice that raises many questions for the future.

For the record, the interested party’s legal problems last summer led to several reports indicating that Warner Bros. planned to part ways with Miller for future DC films. The company even had plans to come up with several scenarios for the upcoming movie. The Flash with the complete disappearance of the actor…

In short, this may well not make things easier for the public to understand the real objective of the DCU, namely to compete as well as possible with the MCU from Disney / Marvel.

What do you think of this decision? Which is not official for the moment but which remains quite serious all the same (Variety not having much to prove).

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