DC Universe: the big MCU-style plan is underway

DC Universe: the big MCU-style plan is underway

As we know, Warner and DC Universe want to create an MCU-style DCU and obviously the project seems to be progressing very well. Explanations.

As we already reported to you in August 2022, DC Universe wants to create its own MCU. To carry out this project, Warner brought in James Gunn, who signed to a four-year contract for a DC exclusive. In addition to Gunn, the project also counts on the presence of Peter Safran, who is a producer with experience in the “-verse” since he notably officiated in this place on the Conjuring-Verse (annabelle, The Nun, The Warren Filesetc).

DC Universe: the DCU is making progress

As explained by the very serious HollywoodReportereverything is on track:

David Zaslav says James Gunn and Peter Safran are close to completing a roadmap for DC’s future.

“I think in the next few years you’re going to see a lot of growth and opportunity around DC, there won’t be four Batmans.”

David Zaslav is nothing but the president of Warner so he must know what he is talking about by giving this information. We can legitimately think of soon having the right (MCU style) to a list of upcoming or planned films. Knowing that we already know that we should have more coherence in this cinematography which for the moment does not make much sense. In particular with the presence of two different Batmans and 3 distinct universes with the Joker.

What do you personally expect from an MCU-style cinematic DC universe?

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